Improvements to Bourne Hall Park

Regeneration of Bourne Hall Park, based on feedback from residents and park users, is now underway.

We are cutting back some of the self-seeded scrub vegetation. This has three benefits:

  • Improved sight lines to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Increased visibility of some of the beautiful specimen plants and trees
  • Opening up the vista of the original park layout

As part of the Council’s aspiration to improve physical wellbeing, we are adding a fitness trail of outside gym equipment.

The equipment will be the most modern in the borough and will be suitable for various ages and abilities.

This is to support residents who do not wish to exercise in the intimidating gym environment, and we will be working with local GPs to facilitate the new social prescribing initiatives.

All the work is being undertaken in consultation with the friends of Bourne Hall Park. 

Please check back later for updates.