Museum Activities


Curator’s Tours in the Museum of Epsom and Ewell at Bourne Hall

Every Wednesday from 30 November to 21 December and beginning again from the 11 January there will be an hour-long tour of the museum led by the curator – a chance to learn more of the fascinating people and stories behind the objects on display. It will also be an opportunity to see items the museum has only just acquired and objects not normally on display. Why not bring along that mystery coin or piece of pottery you found in the back garden, or perhaps the heirloom you have at home and wondered what it is or how old. Bring it along and test the experts!

Tours begin at 11am and finish at 12pm. Please meet in the front gallery.






Saturday December 10 2022 1pm to 2.30pm


For the History of Christmas, We will do a whistle stop tour through the ages including its earliest pagan origins, the bringing in of the yule log and its height of celebration and feasting during the Medieval and Tudor period, especially with the introduction of sprouts! It will also include the puritan banning then it trying to get back to the height it was and  where commercialisation then takes over. Two World Wars don't stop us enjoying Christmas bringing us up to modern day with our links. We will then end making paper chains and lanterns with a link to how we can still reuse and recycle today.



Cost £5 per child per session . Further information is available from David Brooks, Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell. Surrey, KT17 1UF. Tel 0208 394 1734,                                Email


Epsom and Ewell in WW2 find out what it was really like !

December Wednesday 20th  2022   10.30am to 12pm

The Borough suffered heavily from bombing in World War 2 and from 1940 to 1944, 890 alerts were sounded, 384 people were injured by enemy action and 33 killed. There were more than 200 incidents with 12,234 houses slightly damaged, 413 devastated and 192 completely destroyed, while thousands of incendiary and anti-personnel bombs were dropped with 440 high explosive, 64 oil and 30 flying bombs falling on the Borough.

£5 per child . Contact: David Brooks, Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1UF Tel 020 8394 1734.


Epsom and Ewell during the Great War


Wednesday 20 December

2pm to 3.30

In 1914 Epsom was a small, self-contained town of 20,000 citizens, Ewell a village of 4,000 inhabitants People went to concerts and the newly invented moving pictures at the Public Hall, were loyal to a bewildering choice of eleven different churches and chapels, played football, cricket and tennis, and belonged to dozens of Clubs, Brotherhoods and Orders. The big family names, such as Glyn or Bridges, no longer owned most of the land; tradesmen were in the majority on the Urban and Rural District Councils. In the new municipal Rosebery Park, children sailed their boats

 Then came the war.!


£5 per child . Contact: David Brooks, Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1UF Tel 020 8394 1734.